We have garages for the winter storage of boats up to 8 metres in length.

When the sailing season is ending, it is time to start thinking about boat winter storage. The time and effort invested now will pay off in the performance of your boat and will undoubtedly save you time, effort and money when the good weather arrives.

The storage season is a good moment to check and tune your boat for next season.

Boat storage in pavilion

We have 3500 m2 facilities, fully covered and with highly qualified personnel for the maintenance of the boats, where you can storage your boat at very affordable prices, insured against theft and fire, clean and totally protected against inclement weather.

Outdoor boat storage in Paseo Andrés Segovia – La Herradura

In this case, we have an outdoor garage, with theft and fire insurance. We protect the boats under vacuum with a special shrink plastic to protect against UVA rays from the sun and inclement weather.

We carry out boat transfer services MARINA DEL ESTE  – GARAGES – MARINA DEL ESTE.

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