Bombard Boats

A Bombard inflatable boat is above all a boat made for the sea: functional, safe, solid and reliable. This absolute rigor in the design and construction of boats does not prevent us from also offering equipment to facilitate life on board and practice all activities at sea: diving, skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, spearfishing, etc.

At Náutica MH, we are the official distributors of Bombard inflatable and semi-rigid boats. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you so that you can find the best boat for your needs.

Modular and safe, Bombard RIBs are tested and used in extreme conditions to match perfectly with your needs.

Bombard family


With the Typhoon, going out to sea is instantly decided: light and compact, it easily finds its place in the trunk of the car. Simple and quick to configure. It will be operational immediately. Robust, agile and safe, it allows you to navigate with complete serenity.


The Commando is a zodiac boat made for action. It was built without frills: rigid keel, aluminum floor, it makes its way with power and precision, in all circumstances. The best companion for those with an adventurous spirit or big fans of fishing.


Share your passion with your friends, even with several at the same time (16 maximum!). The Explorer’s versatility is limitless: diving, fishing, spearfishing, water skiing … Nice weather, light wind or heavy seas? There is no problem; the Explorer is always there for you, that’s for sure.


The Sunrider range offers the best quality / price ratio on the market, optimizing perfect behavior at sea, and the possibility of boarding all its passengers in complete safety.