Modern marine engines from major manufacturers are now relatively light, compact, reliable, sophisticated and inexpensive. Today, we have a wide variety of engines available for any type of boat and sailor.

We can find outboards of all powers, as well as really practical electric motors and a solid offering of inboards in gasoline and diesel formats, which can provide decades of reliable service.

There is also a great deal for the consumer in terms of options and extras: the variety of propulsion techniques, the potential for customization, the choice of interface, the data display and the operation make the market for marine engines more economical than it has ever been before. But deep down, the engine selection process remains as straightforward as ever. It’s about finding a size, weight, power, and performance profile that suits your boat, along with features that fit your lifestyle and a price that fits your pocket.

In NáuticaMH we have the first brands of engines for boats and with a 5-year guarantee. We want to advise you on the acquisition of the most suitable engine for your boat.