Astec Boats

Astec Boats is an international shipbuilding and repair company. Its activity focuses on the construction of boats, technical assistance to recreational and professional boats, and repair and maintenance of boats during dry and wet docking.

They have their own facilities and shipyard in Portugal to offer their services in Europe.

Astec Boats RIBs feature the brand’s hallmark: design, safety and quality you can count on for performance and sustainability.

Recognizing that each owner, organization or agency has their individual specific requirements, each rigid inflatable boat is built to order.

At Náutica MH we are official distributors of Astec Boats. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you so that you can find the best boat adapted to your needs.

Advanced maritime solution provider in Rigid Inflatable Boats.



This range is the perfect choice when you want a portable, affordable and fun boat. The ribs are ideal as small family fun boats or as tenders for larger yachts and can easily be stored on davits.


The TOURING range are conventional rib boats, mainly oriented towards family boating, short journeys, or more sporting activities such as water-skiing.


The VD are available measures from 4.10 m to 5.20 m have been designed for sea sports activities fishing, diving, training, etc. If you are looking for a simple, functional, reliable and tough rib, then one of these models is for you.


The VD-PRO are available measures from 5.10 m to 7.50 m have been designed for sea sports activities fishing, diving, training, etc. Series hulls are high performance and allow for a wide range of engine options.


The PB series was designed for professionals and are available in measures 8 m to 12 m. Deep V hull from bow to stern and deck capacity. Our boats are rigorously produced using components that are suitable for an intensive, daily use by professionals of the sea.


How the name indicates this is the fastest range, are well known for their great acceleration and their aerodynamic buoyancy tubes that enable these boats to quickly reach high speeds. This range is completely customized by the client.


With a multitude of selections, seating configurations and accessories, every rigid Inflatable boat is tailored built for the purpose it is intended for. Every ASTEC Boat is built to the highest specifications and standards, whether the requirement calls for certifications, Military and Naval specifications, SOLAS rescue or a family recreational boat.

Boats for professionals


Experience, technology and financial solvency are proof of the ability to build any type of boat, as they have been doing for 20 years.


Every project is always new and unique. With a strong spirit of innovation, they adapt flexibly to each client and task. Their versatility allows them to undertake the construction of any type of boat.


The control of all production phases is reinforced by the fact that everything is done in-house in our own facilities. We have built a strong professional relationship with designers and suppliers.


All production processes scrupulously respect the safety standards defined by the legal regulations in force and by the shipyard itself.

ASTEC’s philosophy of safety, quality, design, innovation and performance, embodied in every rigid inflatable boat manufactured, is what makes it the supplier to military, law enforcement and commercial organizations.