General rental, cancellation and refund conditions

Last update: June 2021

The client rents a boat for a price given that is posted on this website, in exchange for this he agrees to take care of the boat and use it for the time he has established.

If once the boat is rented, the client decides to extend the rental time, this must be agreed with the company.

At all times, the client who rents the boat will carry the mobile phone on to be able to contact the company for any reason and vice versa.

The type of boats, characteristics, length, engine … is described in each boat before renting, so it is important to read this information and see the maximum capacity of each one, which should not be exceeded at any time.

Each boat is equipped with the appropriate safety materials for the boat and crew, vests, flares…

The delay in the withdrawal of the boat by the CLIENT, due to causes attributable to him, will not in itself imply the extension of the lease term nor will it generate the right to any compensation.

The rental prices are detailed on the web individually once the reservation is made, VAT is included in all our rentals.

No reservation is considered firm until the payment of the amount previously indicated as a reservation has been produced, justified and duly verified.

If the weather conditions are good, the reservation is not returned, but it would be changed to another available day with the same conditions and economic amount; if they were different, the difference would be credited.

Once the reservation has been made and the boat has been chosen, if the weather conditions worsen during the first hour, it will be postponed to another day or later during the same day if it is not reserved for another client. If the client decides to finish the rental before its time, the amount will not be returned, if there are no serious reasons that justify it.

If once the reservation is made, the company considers that the captain of the boat does not meet the basic requirements of responsibility, health … the company would ultimately decide the final decision to start with the safety of its crew.

If the ship sails and one of them suffers any mishap, the company will not be held responsible for the misconception or negligence of the captain or the crew.

If the activity is reduced in time for any reason, the rent will not be refunded.